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Our firm has a detailed knowledge of property law in South East Queensland and can assist with complex or basic legal advice and or transactory work.


our service

You will have a dedicated legal practitioner who will work with you throughout the whole process.

Whether you are an established real estate developer, a flipper or starting out in property and need detailed, prompt and cost effective advice, our solicitors can guide you though SEQ property law.

Our clients have developed:

  • unit blocks
  • commercial factories
  • offices
  • showrooms
  • entry level residential
  • high spec residential
  • motels
  • hotels
  • caravan park
  • RV parks
  • rooming accommodation
  • lodge accommodation.

we can undertake on your behalf

We understand and acknowledge the complexities and intricacies of property and planning law in Queensland and can carry out work such as:

  • advisory on structures
  • easements
  • granny flat agreements
  • caveats
  • local planning
  • development applications
  • change of use
  • encroachments
  • residential leasing
  • native title
  • estates and future interest
  • community title schemes


we are property law experts

Our experience includes advice on development, sales, acquisitions, sub divisions, lot splitting, easements, caveats and more.